About Linda Novick




I have 40 years of clinical experience as a Registered Massage Therapist, and of teaching massage both to the public and in the professional training program for massage therapists at the Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic as an in-class instructor and a clinical supervisor. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the power of touch.

After about 20 years in practice as an RMT, my interest in helping clients further understand the feelings that arose while on the massage table grew to a level that I wanted to explore. A friend introduced me to the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® and I graduated from the four-year professional training programme as a Synergist in 2002. RSM uses touch and talk techniques to come into a more embodied state of being, integrating body and mind for deeper levels of self-knowledge and healing. It is gentle, profound and effective. 

My ability to be deeply present and compassionate, my life experiences, education, and communication skills are some of the qualities which support gentle, quick and direct access by clients to the wealth of knowing that is contained within each of us.

I have experience and additional training in the areas of trauma, grief and bereavement, mental illness and health, and palliative care. 

My practice is sensitive, trauma-informed and LGBTQ+ positive.


“Linda is a knowledgeable, experienced and skilled professional who provides safe, well-boundaried, compassionate touch which can enhance the process of re-grounding in the body. This is very helpful for people dealing with depression and anxiety disorders, including PTSD.”  – B.F.

“It’s hard to describe the impact of the loss of my sister this past year…The repeated impact of grief and shock was powerful on a somatic, emotional and energetic level…[M]y weekly sessions with Linda have been a source of strength and hope. I truly can’t imagine how I would be at this point without the confident and quiet presence of someone who understood the painful place I found myself in. Linda made space for me to connect to how this grief was impacting me on all levels – and respectfully supported my process of ‘trying to make sense’ of my experience. I didn’t think it would be possible to do somatically focused grief work on Zoom – but it is – and I feel so grateful that a friend suggested I get some extra support when my dear sister was dying.”  – P.W.

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